Michael W. Asimos’ 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday Season is already back in full swing. Obviously, as a cigar aficionado, I like to give my family, friends, and fellow cigar lovers the best cigars every Holiday season. So what cigars are my favorites to give as gifts this year? Here is my, Michael W. Asimo’s, 2017 Cigar Gift Guide.

The 7 Best Cigars to Give as Holiday Gifts

858 Maduro

858 Maduro Cigar Michael W. Asimos 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The 858 Maduro is an affordable, sweet choice with a touch of nutmeg in every puff. Ut It is made by Arturo Fuente and it is a classy choice for any cigar enthusiast and won’t break the bank at less than $5 each. Heck, give two or three to your favorite cigar lovers. You can buy these at any cigar store or online. They are not hard to find at all. They are also available online at Famous-Smoke.com.


Gispert Churchill Cigars Michael W. Asimos 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Churchill has a  creamy taste with a smooth hint of coffee and cedar in each wonderful draw. It is made by Gispert and it is a classic gift cigar. Gispert makes one of the best cigars in the industry. It’s also amazingly affordable at under $5. Churchills are available at any cigar store or online at JRCigars.com.


Toro Cigar Michael W. Asimo's 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Toro is creamy and sweet. This cigar works best in the morning but is a popular “anytime” choice for many enthusiasts. It is part of Rocky Patel’s “American Market Selection” and makes a great gift with prices at about $4 each and a perfect cigar when you aren’t sure about a person’s specific tastes. The Toro from Rocky Patel is universally loved and appreciated. It is available at any fine cigar store or online seller. You can also find it at Famous-Smoke.com.

Vintage Michelangelo

Vintage Michelangelo Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Vintage Michelangelo is woody, mellow, and super-smooth. It is made by La Fontana and from Honduran tobaccos. It is a great gift to give at about $3 a pop, and, for a top-notch cigar, is a good idea any time of the year.  It is available at any online cigar shop or brick-and-mortar cigar/smoke shop. You can buy it today at NeptuneCigar.com.

Occidental Reserve Connecticut Robusto

Occidental Reserve Connecticut Cigars Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Occidental Reserve Connecticut Robusto is mellow, crisp, and has a nutty flavor. It is a perfect choice for after mealtime or while enjoying the great outdoors. It is made by Alec Bradley and is inexpensive, flavorful, and universally enjoyed, even for once-a-year cigar folks. This is an ideal cigar to give to someone who is just getting into the study and appreciation of fine tobacco. It is available at fine cigar stores and online from any major retailer. You can buy today in time for the Holidays at Famous-Smoke.com.

Number 9 Churchill

Vudu Sacrifice Churchill Number 9's Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Number 9 Churchill has a rich taste with a medium body. This cigar includes notes of caramel and nutmeg. It is made by Vudu Sacrifice and is inexpensive and perfect for holiday feasts that include an “after dinner” cigar break.  It is available at brick-and-mortar outlets as well as online sellers including Famous-Smoke.com.

Cafe Lords

Cafe Lords Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

Cafe Lords have a classic mild taste that is both fragrant and mellow. They are made by Macanudo and these under-$5 cigars carry a cedar and nut flavor that makes them an ideal companion for holiday meals with the family. They are available at cigar stores everywhere, but also available through online sellers. Macanudo cigars are literally everywhere. You can buy them today at ThompsonCigar.com.

Giving the gift of a fine cigar is one of the best things you can do for someone during the holidays. I’ve started handing out top-notch cigars as gifts and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only do cigars make unique, memorable gifts, but cigar-lovers are able to enjoy their gift the minute they open it. And the best (slightly selfish I’ll admit) thing is, some of those recipients have begun giving me cigars as gifts, and I’m certainly not complaining!


Movember vs No-Shave November: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever noticed that many men stop shaving in the month of November? Many men who are cleanly shaven all year long are suddenly growing mustaches and beards. Chances are, these people are like me, Michael W. Asimos, and they are taking part in either No Shave November or Movember. These are two separate charities with different missions. If you want to take part in the movement, you should first understand what each organization does. This will give you an idea of what movement to become a part of and what you need to do to get involved.

No-Shave November

This mission of No-Shave November is to raise cancer awareness and to raise funds to support cancer prevention, education, and research. This is a non-profit, web-based organization. Many cancer patients lose their hair during their treatment. The goal of No-Shave November is to embrace the hair that you do have by letting it grow freely throughout the month of November. The money that you save on shaving and grooming products would be donated to the cause to help those battling cancer.

The rules of No-Shave November are simple. For 30 days, you should stop shaving completely. If your employer has a strict dress code, you are allowed to lightly trim. The money that you save would be donated. If you don’t think you can go a month without shaving, you can donate to someone who is taking part in the movement.

If you are planning to participate, you can create your own personal fundraising page at https://no-shave.org.  All you need to do is register with No-Shave November and you can start raising money. You can even get together with friends and create a group fundraising page. After you have registered, you can let people know about your page through social media and encourage them to make a donation. The money that you earn during the month would be donated to:

Prevent Cancer: A non-profit foundation that focuses on cancer prevention and early detection.
Fight Colorectal Cancer: This is a group of activists who are committed to fighting this type of cancer until there is a cure.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: This is the leading children’s hospital for cancer treatment and all children are welcome regardless of their ability to pay.

Movember Foundation

On average, men die six years earlier than women do. In order to make a change and help men live longer, the Movember Foundation was created. On November 1st, men shave their faces completely. Throughout the entire month of November, they stop shaving completely. They allow their mustaches and beards to grow throughout the entire month. Movember is the only global charity in existence that focuses completely on men’s health. Since 2003, the movement has earned over $710 million worldwide. Also, they helped to fund 1,200 men’s programs over 21 countries.

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved. First, you need to sign up at Movember.com. After you sign up, you can start raising funds for the cause. You can advertise your mission on social media and encourage your friends to donate. If you don’t want to stop shaving or if you are a woman who cannot grow a beard but you still want to help, you can donate to another participant’s page. You can even organize events to raise money for the cause.

At the end of the month, the funds are distributed foundations that fund three key issues that men deal with including:

• Prostate cancer
• Testicular cancer
• Mental health and suicide prevention for men

How To Maintain Your Beard

If you are cleanly shaven all year, you are going to need to know how to grow your beard during the month of November. I am very active in both of the November beard movements and I swear by the Dollar Beard Club. This is a monthly subscription club where you would receive all of the items that you will need to grow a healthy beard and they are delivered right to your door. Setting up your subscription is very simple and it begins with choosing the items that you want.

• Oils: The first step in the subscription process is to choose your favorite beard oil. These are necessary to keep your beard from drying out.
• Balms and Waxes; The next step would be to choose your balm or wax. These products are loaded with vitamins and mineral that are necessary for your beard health and its growth.
• Shower Items: You would be able to choose from a shampoo or a body wash, which are specially formulated for your growing beard.
• Accelerators: To make your beard grow quickly, you would need to choose an accelerator. They offer sprays, oils, and vitamins. The one that you choose would be up to you.
• Accessories: The last choice that you need to make is the accessories. You can choose between beard combs, beard brushes, and hats.

Each month, you would customize your package and your beard products would be delivered right to your home. This is the best way to grow the healthy, long beard that you are going to need during the month of November.

No-Shave November and Movember are both great organizations. You can take part in one or in both, and help raise funds for some very worthy causes.

My Cryptocurrency Ventures

I’ve recently had a renewed interest in cryptocurrency. Quite a few of my colleagues and friends have been investing in cryptocurrency and getting a positive return on their investment. As such, I felt like the time had come for me to partake in this venture. Therefore, I recently joined the Bitcoin Foundation to take my interest a step further.

Why I Decided to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

As previously mentioned, I decided to invest in cryptocurrency because I have seen several of my friends and colleagues get a good return on their investment. Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately and I felt like, the time was right to start investing myself.

For those who may be unaware of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, here is a brief explanation of the industry. Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital asset intended to be used as an exchange medium. Essentially, it is a type of electronic money that uses cryptography for transaction security and to manage the creation of other units of the currency. In 2009, Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Today the three most popular types of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and popular among entrepreneurs across several industries. Even major players within the cigar industry are taking more than just a passing interest in this digital phenomenon. In fact, the biggest premium cigar retailer in Australia, Fine Cigars Australia, has started to accept cryptocurrency after customers made the request via email.

Matthew Mroczek, the General Manager of the company, has stated that the company was at a stage where they were comfortable with Bitcoin. The cigar company directly accepts Bitcoin into a personal wallet. They do not use any payment processor and further along on the supply chain, they get to use the currency. They have been doing this for several months now to pay suppliers in Mexico, Nicaragua, and other places. They have found this payment method to be quite efficient.

What is the Bitcoin Foundation?

The Bitcoin Foundation is essentially a group of individuals who are focused on standardizing, safeguarding and promoting the use of Bitcoins all across the globe.

The mission of the foundation is to coordinate the efforts of its members, assisting in the creation of awareness of Bitcoin benefits, how it is used and related technology requirements for regulators, technologists, the media and all other stakeholders.

The foundation’s vision is for Bitcoin to become an internationally-accepted method of storing and exchanging value. Its ultimate aim is to operate without requirement for third parties. Their values are:

• Guaranteed financial access
• Privacy
• Autonomy
• Decentralization
• Financial Inclusion
• Stable money supplies

The Board of Directors is made up of:

• Executive Director, Llew Claasen
• Chairman, Brock Pierce
• Vice Chairman, Bobby Lee
• Board Member, Bruce Fenton
• Board Member, Elizabeth McCauley
• Board Member, Michael Perklin
• Board Member, Francois Pouliot
• Board Member, Vinny Lingham

These individuals have a wealth of knowledge and have been a part of the digital marketplace for several years.

How You Can Join the Bitcoin Foundation

The success of Bitcoin largely depends of the support of its membership. You can become a member of this powerful movement for only $10 per month or for $100 per annum. The membership fee will help with the funding of advocacy and training programs for 2017.

As a part of the membership of the Bitcoin Foundation, you can:

• Access special offers and exclusive discounts for partner and foundation products and events
• Receive a monthly members-only update report from the Executive Director about operational and financial aspects of the foundation
• Participate in the Bitcoin Foundation’s yearly planning process for training and advocacy programs
• Gain access to an exclusive dedicated Slack monthly newsletter and channel
• Be a part of a movement that will change the world

Romeo Y Julieta Cigars Review: What You Need To Know

The Romeo y Julieta Cigars brand was introduced in 1875 in Cuba and quickly became a hit with smokers. It has won several accolades over the years starting in 1885 when the brand was awarded a gold medal. The cigars were developed by Mannin Garcia and Inocencio Alvarez who named the brand for the leads in Shakespeare’s epic tragedy. In 1903, Jose Rodriguez Fernandez took the brand to a higher level after acquiring it from its founders.

The famous Churchill shape was introduced by the Romeo y Julieta Cigars brand. In the early years, some of the cigars were personalized to match the specific needs of the brand’s top customers. The venture continued to flourish long after Jose Rodriguez Fernandez (nicknamed Pepin) passed away in 1954 at the age of 88.

Romeo y Julieta Cigars Review: Top cigars

The brand offers almost two dozen shapes and sizes from which to choose. Each of these premium cigars provides a uniquely exquisite smoking experience. From mild cigars to the full-bodied, smokers are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of flavors and taste.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

The Wide Churchill comes in a wrapper that makes smokers feel like they are about sample a stout cigar. The branded number does live up to expectations with plenty of flavor. It is an affordable hand-made cigar. The draw is practically effortless and it yields columns of smoke with fruity and woody notes. Although its construction does not match some of the premium options offered by Romeo y Julieta, the Wide Churchill excels in taste, which is consistently high quality throughout all thirds.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Capuletos

This hand-made cigar is a medium strength, limited edition that was introduced in 2016. Romeo y Julieta Capuletos have the distinction of being the only sobrasaliente size under the Romeo y Julieta banner. Its stick boasts a distinctively elegant appearance characterized by the dark wrapper. The edition features two bands and it is impressively rolled. Smokers are sure to notice the intricate construction, which is confirmed by the cold draw.

Its notes of cellar wood, sweet spices and leather are characterized by awesome flavor intensity that has a creamy texture. The flavor does strike the senses with an unexpected hint of cocoa and grapefruit skin, which gives the draw somewhat of a bitter taste. The stick burns evenly and the ash retains its shape throughout. Smokers can expect medium smoke and temperature. The flavor profile does change slightly in the second third of the smoke.

Romeo y Julieta Capuletos

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

The Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill is available in the Petit Robusto size and it was launched in 2012. The cigars have proven a great success ever since their introduction thanks to the near flawless stick appearance and premium flavor. The impressive wrapper adds a touch elegance with its shiny and smooth material. It has a moderate amount of veins while the product’s bunch is consistent and firm.

After lighting the cigar, it starts with rich cream-like flavor with a hint of wood and honey. Its range of flavors are balanced and they can tickle the taste buds of any aficionado.

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills

Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

The Romeo y Julieta Belicoso is a limited edition that was launched in 2005 and it comes in a petit piramide size. The edition’s pre-draw emits woody and butter notes before delivering balanced spicy (black pepper) flavors. As the smoke progresses, one enjoys a tantalizing combination of saltiness and sweetness.

The overall appearance of the Romeo y Julieta Belicoso has a rustic appeal. The cigar’s age undoubtedly contributes to the stick’s quality.

Romeo y Julieta Belicosos

Top Three Best Cigar Bars in the US

Cigar bars, lounges, and clubs are making a quite comeback in America. Today, cigar bars are synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Here is a look at some of the best cigar bars in the US today, according to Michael Asimos.

Grand Havana Room

This member’s only cigar lounge holds two distinct properties located in New York and the Beverly Hills. Only accessible via a private elevator, the latter property is particularly popular with celebrities and other wealthy cigar aficionados who prefer to enjoy their cigars in a serene ambiance and lavish setting. The centerpiece of the Beverly Hills club is a glassed-in room humidor with 350 blond-wood lockers, featuring the names of the who’s who in Hollywood and other prominent personalities. Besides its impressive selection of rarified cigars, the Grand Havana Room also features a dining room.

Barclay Rex, 126 Pearl Street, World Financial Center, NY

Founded in the early 1900s in Manhattan, NY, the Barclay Rex today occupies the ground floor of a Pearl Street-4 story building right in the heart of Wall Street. Due to its location, it is particularly popular with  Wall Street heavy hitters. It is one of the most prestigious shops in the financial district, which also happens to be the heartbeat of the city’s nightlife. In fact, the second floor is home to a private nightclub. Barclay Rex’s cigar menu features an extensive selection of premium cigars and accessories including Radice & Ashtons, Macanudos, Dunhill Castellos, Partagas, Nicaraguan Capano d’Oro (the club’s own signature cigars), as well as Elie Bleus humidors.

Davidoff De La Concha, 1390 6th Avenue, NY

Located on 1390 6th Avenue, NY, this 4800-square-feet shop is the largest of the three properties owned by the Davidoff of Geneva brand situated in New York. The shop’s humidor occupies 750 square feet out of the total 4800 square feet and its cigar menu features some fine selections, including limited series cigars such as the exclusive Davidoff 6th Avenue, a special Dominican Robusto for Davidoff’s customers. In terms of ambiance, the shop has a lavish lounge with a beautiful view of the 6th avenue. The décor, which is made of precious materials and warm wood, and the golden paint create a cozy setting for enjoying a cigar.


My Take On Some Popular Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is one of the most essential hormones for both men and women. It is more important for men than for women since it is responsible for growth and development of male characteristics including strength, muscle mass building, and sex drive. However, its levels in the male body decrease with age, especially after the 30th year.

Once testosterone levels begin to drop, you may experience certain losses in strength and muscle mass. In addition, you may not be as active in bed as you were before you hit 30. There is, nevertheless, no reason to worry about the losses since you can easily and safely increase your levels of the hormone by using testosterone boosters to recover your lost muscle, strength, and sex drive. Remember, there are many types of testosterone boosters, and while every manufacturer will claim to offer the best, their effectiveness varies. In order to help you make a good choice, I will introduce you to some of the most popular testosterone boosters.

The Award-Winning Nugenix

One of the main reasons why Nugenix tops my list is the fact that it bagged GNC Innovation Award in 2013. It is a dietary supplement with several ingredients, which help boost libido, improve the flow of blood to the muscles, and help body builders gain more muscle mass. Some of the ingredients in the mix include L-Citrulline Malate which together with Testofen, boosts relaxation of blood vessels, and helps men have a firmer erection for better performance in bed. The supplement also contains Vitamin B6, which not only enhances better arousal but also encourages the formation of red blood cells. Zinc helps in repairing of blood cells and promotion of sexual health. All these processes are inhibited by low levels of testosterone in the male body.

The Safety of Testofen

One unique selling point of this testosterone booster is the care with which it is prepared. The manufacturer of Testofen takes pride in offering natural products that have gone through clinical studies. Gencor utilizes Ayurvedic tradition, an ancient way of using natural herbs to heal the human body. In a bid to ensure top effectiveness and safety, the company carries out research and trials in humans and animals in their lab (which is certified by GLP) to test every ingredient before it goes into any of their products.

Testofen is among the most popular testosterone boosters. There are clinical studies that suggest that the fenugreek extract helps keep free testosterone in healthy levels in males. The result is high levels of endurance during workouts and greatly increased muscle mass as well as improved performance in bed. Testofen is also excellent in combating Andropause symptoms.

Building a Better Physique with Test X180

Test X180 is well-known for raising free testosterone levels. I would recommend it for the gym fanatic who would like to have great results after working out. Its claim in building more and stronger muscle is true. Moreover, the supplement helps users improve sex life by heightening the crave for sex and performance in the bedroom. In the end, you will not only have a great physical look, but your worth in the bedroom will also be increased twofold.

Defying Age with Ageless Male Ageless Male Testosterone Booster Review

Getting old has its benefits including more experience and respect. However, the wisdom and status of old age usually come with many undesirable effects. Among them is overweight problems, tiredness, and disinterest in sex as a result of declined testosterone levels. With such a supplement as Ageless Male, you can easily retain your youthfulness with all its benefits while still keeping the wisdom that comes with the years. In short, how old you are will no longer matter as far as muscle mass, energy, and desire for sex and performance is concerned.

One of the main ingredients of Ageless Male is Testofen, the Fenugreek extract. To deliver the full benefits in reclaiming your muscle mass, strength, and sex life, it is combined with three other nutrients. One quality that makes Ageless Male different from other testosterone boosters is the fact that it does not contain such strong stimulants as caffeine. Its natural content makes it among the top four most popular testosterone boosters in my list.


Before you make a choice of the best testosterone booster for yourself, consider the ingredients. The four mentioned supplements will never disappoint you since they contain some of the most effective ingredients for increasing mass muscle, raising energy levels, and greatly improving the user’s sex life. They do so by facilitating more sexual desire and offering more strength for a great performance in bed. In short, the four supplements are among the best in helping men look and act young irrespective of their age. Keep in mind, however, that the use of the supplements should be accompanied by a proper training program for maximum gains.

A Grand Tour Of The Best Cigar Factories In Cuba

Cuban cigars are not only loved and revered but much sought-after. In Cuba, tobacco is so important that the country’s history is entwined with this product. This is the reason why the famed Cuban cigars are so highly respected internationally.

Havana is known as the premium cigars’ original birthplace, and this historic city is dotted with numerous cigar factories of all sizes and shapes. Although most tourists believe that only the Partágas Factory is actually open to visitors, there is more to see in Cuba. Come along as Michael W. Asimos, Cigar Connoisseur and Reviewer gives you a grand tour of these iconic cigar factories in Cuba.

Partagás Cigar Factory

Located in Old Havana’s Industrial street No. 520, Partagás Cigar Factory has always maintained that beautiful old colonial building as its venue. The historic building is a classic example of the stunning architecture of the Caribbean.

During your visit to this historic factory, among the notable features you will meet are some of Cuba’s most famous cigars: Churchills and Lusitanias. The factory maintains a sale hall where you can sample a variety of cigar offers. Having been built way back in 1845, Michael Asimos observes that Partagás is certainly showing its age, creaky floors, with crumbling steps, and many aspects that need some fixing.

The tour of the factory allows you to witness first-hand, the process of the cigar making. Tours will walk you through the entire process from when the tobacco is being taken off the trucks, the leaves sorting, rolling into the cigars, wrapping, and finally the labeling of each individual cigar.

Romeo y Julieta (or the H. Upmann) Factory

For now, notes Michael W. Asimos, all visitors to the original Upmann factory are being directed to the Romeo y Julieta. Until slightly earlier this year, Romeo y Julieta served as the factory’s cigar-rolling school. Previously, it was a full-production facility famed for its namesake brand of cigars, Romeo y Julieta. The factory is very efficient and also very clean.

As you enter, there is (to the left) a stunning old marble staircase and a huge banner (black and gold in color) that reads, “H. Upmann Havana”. The gallery is among the largest in Havana, with big windows on either side to supply the workers with enough light. The gallery is quite colorful as several of the cigar molds have been painted crisp yellow or bright blue, together with the standard black or plain wood. The place buzzes like a beehive. The Romeo y Julieta (or the H. Upmann) factory is very popular with disembarking tourists from cruise ships.

La Corona Cigar Factory

Your tour of the best cigar factories in Cuba would not be complete without a visit to La Corona. This is one of the largest Cuban cigar factories, daily producing upwards of 30,000 cigars. The factory certainly is devoid of the charm of Partagás or the style of the Romeo, and comes with an Eastern Bloc feel. However, as Mike Asimos notes, this factory still makes some awesome smokes. It creates at least 25 cigar brands. La Corona is located close to Cuba’s busiest baseball stadium. Certainly, it cannot be described to be among the most attractive cigar factories.

The La Corona Factory has been organized into distinct sections, each responsible for a specific yet critical undertaking. These include tobacco leaves sorting, cutting, rolling, and leaves pressing to make the cigars as well the quality control sector. The tour takes visitors through all these sections, populated by over six hundred workers. Tours take about 30-minutes, and Mike advises you to buy your ticket well in advance.

El Laguito Cigar Factory

The El Laguito Cigar Factory comes with a rich history and is famous for producing some of the finest cigars in the world. It was founded in 1967 with the objective of becoming the birthplace of the premier cigar during the post-revolution era. It is famous for the Cohiba brand, rumored to be one of the best cigar brands.

An El Laguito Cigar Factory tour gives you a glimpse into the Cuban cigar rolling tradition handed down over the years from generation to generation. However, the globe trotter, Mike Asimos, cautions that visits to El Laguito are reserved for specially invited guests and dignitaries. If you get lucky to secure this special tour, ensure you savor every moment of the experience.

The Cuban cigar is an internationally renowned and a highly coveted souvenir. This is largely because it has always been rolled by hand from tobacco leaves. If the Caribbean getaway of Cuba is in your itinerary, a tour of the best cigar factories is a must. According to Michael W. Asimos, the respected Cigar Connoisseur, the best way of understanding the Cuban cigar phenomenon is partaking in one or two of the available cigar factory tours.

9 Best Cigars of 2017

Cigars differ in a variety of ways. If you are interested in cigars and would like to experiment them, we recommend you to try all the variants available to yourself and decide which works for you the best. However, if you don’t have the inclination to try them all and want to cut to the chase, here are some cigars that I, Michael Asimos, recommend. The following cigars are not ranked, or listed in any particular order.

Drew Estate Undercrown Shade

Drew Estate is a major American cigar brand that makes its cigars in Nicaragua. The company is known for innovation with its cigars and producing new cigars time and again. The Undercrown Shade is a newer cigar from Drew Estate. This particular cigar was designed to replicate Liga Privada and utilizes the nine flavors of readily available tobaccos. Undercrown is an extremely popular cigar in America with a lighter variant available.

Punch ‘Rothschild Maduro’ Cigars

If you’re looking for an authentic Honduran Cigar that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, the Punch cigar is an ideal choice, specifically the Rothschild Maduro. The cigar is made to conform to Honduras’ tobacco curing rules and stipulations. The Punch Rothschild pays homage to the Punch line of cigars with a full-bodied, vibrant flavor.

Cohiba Dominican ‘Robusto’ Cigars

The Cohiba Dominican is a medium-strength cigar with an extremely tight draw. Cigar lovers and enthusiasts love this cigar not just for its flavor and taste, but also because it’s sized just right. The cigar is smooth and crisp and allies well with cognac, a brandy variety. People who like a smooth draw and do not want their cigars to be overwhelming will love this cigar.

Partagas ‘Fabulosos’ Cigars

The Partagas Fabulosos is the right blend of mild leather and pepper. The smoke is also marginally infused with a variety of cocoa and fruity flavors. Coming in a 25-cigar box, this hearty and filling tobacco is grown in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The cigar is well-built and has a consistent subtle flavor, which makes it an ideal stick to smoke after dinner.

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial made it into the public domain for the first time in 2009. At the time of its launch in New York, there was no particular name given to the cigar and the quantities available were also fairly limited. However, with the positive response to the cigar, the makers entered full-time production mode, and also gave the cigar its now popular name. Reserva Especial is ideal for individuals who like bold flavors in their cigars. The cigar has loads of molasses and dark chocolate combined with toasted wood. To round things out, there are tobacco spices and earthy cocoa too.

Crowned Heads Le Careme

Crowned Heads Le Careme is basically paying homage to Marie-Antonine Careme. Marie-Antonine was a popular French chef who pioneered specific French cuisine in the 1800s. During that period, he also popularized the soufflé. This probably explains why the Le Careme cigar’s flavors remind you of a rich French soufflé. If you’re more of a sweets person, you will surely like this cigar. The sweetness of the cigar hits you in . a subtle manner. The flavors begin with earthy tobacco notes, which lead to toasted nuts, rich cocoa, and deep fruit. The cigar is replete with light black pepper that helps balances things out.

Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff

Caldwell is a modest boutique cigar company formed by a few friends. Robert Caldwell, the founder, and his team’s goal is to create a small batch of high-quality cigar blends. The Blind Man’s Bluff is made in Honduras in a factory that also makes Camacho Cigars. This cigar looks rustic, thanks to the bumpy wrapper with visible veins. The cigar’s flavors are quite unique too. You are treated to a complex, but rich, blend of black pepper, tobacco spice, earthy hay, toasty cedar, and coffee. There are also nuances of cream and citrus in the smoke.

Warped Flor Del Valle

Flor De Valle is the first Warped cigar that hasn’t been made in Miami’s El Titan de Bronze factory. The primary reason being the brand wants to keep this cigar completely Nicaraguan. This means the tobaccos and the rolling are from and done in Nicaragua in a factory called Casa Fernandez. The cigar’s flavor are made up of earthy spices with cinnamon, wood, sugar, and leather notes. Most other cigar blends usually do not have such earthy notes.

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Father Le Bijou 1922 has received several accolades and much appreciation in the past from experts and connoisseurs like myself, Michael Asimos. The cigar not only has a wonderful flavor but it also looks great. The smooth dark, shiny brown wrapper gives a fine leather-like appearance to the stick. As far the flavor is concerned, it’s hard to describe it in words. One must experience it first-hand to find out what it really is like. One thing can be said for sure,  if you like white and black pepper in your cigar, you’d love My Father Le Bijou 1922.

“Presto!” Book Review

Penn Jillette Tells All In His New Book

From time to time I love to read a good book.  Penn Jillette is probably one of my favorite magicians and comedians.  I’ve followed him for years and now with his new book out about his recent life changing events, he describes what can be done when push comes to shove.

The acclaimed, outspoken magician Penn Jillette holds nothing back in his latest book, Presto! The publication provides a captivating narration of how the author lost more than 100 pounds. He achieved the objective using unconventional methods. The book takes readers on a life-changing journey characterized by a number of healthy lifestyle choices. The story is presented with a heavy dose of humor and honesty.

Jillette’s blood pressure had soared to dangerous levels due to his staggering weight of over 330 pounds. This frightening reality forced him to take drastic action. His response was inspired by the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He also wanted to see his children grow up. The author met former NASA scientist Ray Cronise who proposed an ambitious weight-loss plan. Cronise’s fast track weight-loss regime involved a potato-only diet.

Penn was told to eat the entire potato, including the skin. He could mash or bake the starchy, tuberous crop but add no fruits, vegetables or other ingredients. The regime also prohibited exercising. To Jillette’s surprise, he started losing weight at a rapid pace thanks to the near-starvation diet. The events took place when he was approaching his 60th birthday.

Inspirational Weight-loss

In this book, the author discusses the ordeal in detail, including regular visits to the physician, adjustment issues and the joy of weight-loss success. The publication provides an inspirational day-to-day account of an hardcore weight-loss solution that is set to motivate people battling with overweight issues.

Along the journey, he experienced wide-ranging emotions. He drifted from skepticism to inspirational, life-changing momentum that turned his life around. The process is outlined in captivating and hilarious detail. Despite the challenges of battling weight issues, he continued to pursue his normal day-to-day activities.

During this period, Jillette met fellow eccentric performers and Hollywood executives. He even performed at shows in Las Vegas and spent time with friends and family.

Penn’s Familiar Sarcastic Style

From outrageous sense of humor to biting social commentary, Presto is not short of drama and intrigue. The author shares views on pop culture, sex and religion. This helps turn the story into genre-busting and refreshing account.

The author’s account of the events do not outline a well-researched argument of unhealthy lifestyles. However, it does provide a chilling reality check and an honesty opinion about dealing with obesity. The book is filled with self-deprecating humor from a best-selling author. Penn also delivers a hilarious take on his experience as a competitor on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Readers are entertained by the author’s description of America’s 45th president’s ridiculous and peculiar hairdo. Penn describes Trump’s hair as ‘looking like cotton candy made of piss.’

Jillette who is known for his unconventional personality showcases a plethora of signature stage characteristics. He is ruthlessly honest, overbearing, rude and garrulous. However, he slows down the drama after reaching the appex of of his weight-loss campaign. The astonishing results are accomplished in only 83 days. He lost almost 25 percent of his body weight and says he feels much better. Penn’s 6-foot-7 frame now carries a more manageable weight.

Penn informs the readers about his choice of food at parties and restaurants following the successful mission. The underlying message in the book is that it is better to create new comfort foods than yield to the tempting vibes of unhealthy foods. Readers are sure to take the ironic yet funny account of the weight-loss program with a pinch of salt.

He lost weight more rapidly than what the majority of physicians recommend. On the other hand, the author is faced with a risk of regaining some of the lost weight. However, he says he is well aware of the ongoing demands associated with maintaining his weight well into the future. Jillette is convinced that his new diet regime will make it easier to avoid a relapse.

Top 3 Cigar Factories To Visit In Cuba

Havana, Cuba is regarded as the birthplace of high-end cigars. If you are like many cigar connoisseurs, you have probably dreamed about visiting this enchanting city and having an up close and personal experience at some of the area’s premier cigar factories. Fortunately, the dream can be a reality, as many of the city’s top factories offer tours of their facilities and welcome visitors from various parts of the world.

Although some individuals are under the impression that the Partágas Factory is the only one open to visitors, this is not the case. You can tour the La Corona and the Romeo y Julieta Cigar Factories as well.

Cuban cigar factories have a life of their own, and the moment you are hit with the intoxicating smell of Cuban tobacco, you will feel as if you have entered another world. The following are some great choices if you are planning a Havana vacation and want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience touring these establishments:

Partagás Factory

Cuba’s best known–and arguably most popular–cigar manufacturing plant is the 166-year-old Partagás Factory. It is frequented by tourists on a regular basis, and although plans to close the factory for extensive renovations were discussed, as of February 2017, the establishment is still a working facility that will welcome you for a visit. You will be enchanted by this four-story structure with its oversized white and red authentic Fabrica de Tabacos Partagás sign. A grand establishment, its signature décor includes ornate shuttered windows and impressive balconies. You may need a bit of patience when standing outside, where you will almost certainly be approached by unscrupulous individuals attempting to sell counterfeit Cuban cigars, but seeing this impressive factory is well worth the wait.

Romeo y Julieta Factory

Now also the temporary home of H. Upmann, the Romeo y Julieta Cigar Factory is finally opened for tours for the first time in years. In addition to the entire production of Cuba’s H. Upmanns, the Romeo y Julieta Factory also produces several sizes of Cohiba, Montecristos, and of course, Romeo y Julietas. The establishment is very efficient and clean, and features a lovely, antique marble staircase, which is situated off to the left as you enter. You will also see a huge gold and black banner on which the words “H. Upmann Havana” are printed.

The rolling gallery is one of the largest in Havana, and features very large windows on both sides, which provide the workers with adequate light. Over 204 torcedores work at this factory, and you will likely enjoy how the gallery buzzes like a bee hive. It is also very colorful, as crisp yellow and bright blue are used to paint many of the cigar molds, in addition to the more conventional black or plain wood.

The factory is highly popular among visitors disembarking from cruise vessels, and therefore if you enjoy sailing the high seas, you may wish to schedule your visit to Cuba as part of a cruise.

La Corona Factory

Situated right around the corner from Cuba’s busiest baseball stadium is the La Corona Factory. Although its style is not much to look at when compared with Cuba’s other cigar factories, it is still a fun place to visit. The factory’s architecture is somewhat plain, but its workers make some of the best cigars in existence. In fact, it is the mother factory for Por Larrañaga, Flor de Cano, San Cristóbal de la Habana, Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey and Cuaba. The workers at this factory create cigars that are simply amazing, such as the multi-faceted Cuaba Salomon.

The rolling gallery is quite crowded and has a fascinating lighting system that you will probably find interesting: every roller station is illuminated with unique lights that are draped along on curved poles. The La Corona Factory also features a tasting room with cubicles designed for one cigar taster at a time. Although the factory itself is definitely worth a visit, you may wish to avoid the cigar shop that is adjacent to the establishment, as it is unfortunately plagued by cigar hustlers attempting to pawn off fake smokes on unsuspecting tourists.

Fortunately, whichever cigar factories you choose to visit you will not be disappointed. For this reason, if you like to travel and dream of enjoying an authentic Cuban cigar in the city where it was made, you should definitely consider a vacation in Cuba.