Enjoying the Summer with a Great Cigar

The arrival of summer heralds in warm weather, long days and relaxing evenings. Whether you are lounging on the back patio or enjoying an evening around the fire, a great cigar can really add to your enjoyment of the season. This year, try a few of the truly great summer cigars.

Punch Signature

The Punch Signature is an affordable cigar that lends itself to the warm days of summer. It has a touch of peppery spiciness, but is still a pleasant, sweet cigar. As an added bonus, the Punch Signature is as enjoyable to hold as it is to smoke. It has a nice, weighty feel, and looks great with its dark brown wrapper. You will experience a medley of pleasant flavor notes with this cigar, including coffee and almonds.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure EspecialHoya del Monterrey's Epicure Especial is one of my favorite summertime cigars.

If you enjoy cigars with a rich flavor, try relaxing with a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial. This cigar is earthy, with hints of cocoa and coffee. Many people consider this cigar to be the pinnacle of smoking perfection, making it a great choice to relax with. It is also a great looking cigar, featuring a seductive dark brown wrapper. This cigar is a good value, and will add a lot of enjoyment to your summer days and evenings.

Joya Red

Hot and sultry summer days are perfect for cigars that are flavorful, but not overly heady. If you enjoy a medium body smoke, try a Joya Red. It is a nicely sized cigar, not too big and not too small. The Joya Red starts off with an earthy, toasty flavor. The price of this cigar is good, so you will be able to keep a good stock of them on hand to enjoy all summer long.

My FatherMy Father is a spicy, complex cigar.

At the end of a hot summer day, it is so pleasant when the sun goes down and a cool breeze kicks up. Nights such as this are perfect for sitting around a fire, enjoying a great cigar. If you enjoy higher end cigars with a heady, full body kick to them, My Father might be just your style. The flavor is complex, with notes of spice. A My Father is also a great choice when you want to experience a cigar that gives you a nice nicotine kick.

San Lotano Connecticut

For those who enjoy a milder, less heady cigar, the San Lotano Connecticut has a lot to offer. The lighter flavor of a mild cigar is a great accompaniment to hot summer days. This cigar is also a great choice for those who are new to cigars, due to the milder flavor. If you are looking for a great morning cigar, the San Lotano Connecticut is a great choice. You will experience the pleasure of a superior burn, combined with obvious high-quality construction. As an added bonus, these great cigars are priced just right.

AVO Classic RobustoThe Avo Classic Robusto is an excellent cigar for summertime.

If you enjoy full-flavored cigars, try an AVO Classic Robusto. This cigar will provide you with a smooth, creamy smoke, reminding you why it is such a classic. Featuring a Connecticut wrapper, this cigar is consistently good. The relaxed evenings of summer are the perfect time to just sit back and enjoy a great smoke. The flavor is nuanced and refined — the perfect cigar to just sit back with and relax.

Whichever cigars you choose, they are sure to add a lot of relaxing enjoyment to your summer months. Summer only comes around once a year, and before you know it, the crisper days of autumn will be back. While summer is here, be sure to enjoy one or more of these great cigars.

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