2019’s Best New Cigars Curated by Michael W. Asimos

The year just started, but there are definitely some new cigars that have caught my eye so far in 2019. Not all of them are brand new this year, but they have been recently discovered by me. Most of them are still pretty new to the scene, so check them out if you have a chance. Here is a closer look at 2019’s best new cigars as curated by me, Michael W. Asimos.

Aging Room Pura Cepa


Where to Buy: https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/aging-room-pura-cepa-cigars/2013595/

It is really hard to pass up this cigar, simply because it has that perfect taste in my opinion. With a light chocolate, cream and just a little bit of leather notes in it, it’s a perfect way to wind down.

A box will run close to $250, but to me it is worth the occasional treat. This cigar isn’t too strong, so most people should be able to handle it fine. It is a bit of an expense though, so unless the taste sounds perfect, some people might opt for something a little cheaper at first.

Gran Habano Blue in Green


Where to Buy: https://www.famous-smoke.com/brand/gran+habano+blue+in+green+cigars

I’ve always enjoyed Gran Habano, and their latest offering is certainly not disappointing. Not only is it well constructed, but it has this blend of bread, coffee, and certain spices that bring it altogether.

Since this is a mild option, even those who do not smoke much will still be able to enjoy it. It is pretty affordable at about $120 per box, which isn’t bad for something considered to be fairly high end.

Warped La Relatos


Where to Buy: https://www.famous-smoke.com/brand/warped+la+relatos+cigars

Not a lot of people have heard of Warped Cigars, but they are pretty enjoyable in my opinion. This is more for those people who do smoke a lot, because occasional smokers are not going to get much out of the unique taste.

When I’m smoking it, I taste the deep chocolate, the nuts, the spices, and a hint of perfume. It’s a pretty full cigar overall, but the good news is that each one is only going to cost about $8. It is definitely worth checking out in 2019 for sure.

Diesel Whiskey Row


Where to Buy: https://www.cigar.com/p/diesel-whiskey-row-cigar-cigars/2011003/

Just the name of the cigar is pretty manly, and their marketing is definitely geared towards men in general. These are barrel-aged cigars, which are usually pretty sweet in general. It’s a different taste, but one I enjoy on occasion.

Do keep in mind that this is a full bodies cigar, so people who don’t smoke a lot should be aware. It might not be the best option for those who are just trying to enjoy an occasional smoke. It’s also not the cheapest, at $150 per box. To me, I will be enjoying them a few times at least in 2019.

Black Market Filthy Hooligan


Where to Buy: https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/ab-black-market-filthy-hooligan/2002925/

Alec Bradley has been offering some version of this the last few years, and it is coming back in 2019. I have held off trying them in the past, but after getting a taste a few weeks ago, I’m now all in.

The packaging and everything surrounding the cigar release is pretty unique. The box is green and black striped, and each cigar is just under $10 each.

As for the taste, I like the subtly to it. This is not a cigar that is going to blow someone away, but it is a nice and steady taste throughout.


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