Check Out These Top Destinations for Some Late Summer Traveling

Wouldn’t you just love to find someplace cool to spend those last few hot summer days? There still is some time left to get in a nice vacation with family, your sweetheart, or with some of your friends. You can stay close to home for a day trip or overnight, or venture a bit farther from your town if it suits you to do so. Consider the following summer travel spots for your next trip.

Toronto, Canada

The Kelso Conservation Area is a perfectly short driving distance from downtown Toronto, at about 45 minutes away. Enjoy having a lounge on Kelso Beach for about $7, as well as a nice picnic and hiking along the lakeside trails. Bring along your canoe, body board, and portable grill to spend a day at this amazing location. If you live in the US, this is a great way to go international without spending a lot of money. You also may like to visit historical landmarks, of which there are a large number in Toronto. Keep in mind that there’s a lot you might not know about Toronto and it could really surprise you.

Detroit, MichiganDetroit has come a long way and has a lot to offer travelers.

You may not realize it, but Detroit truly has begun to bounce back when it comes to the entertainment level and economy. It is among the list of summer travel spots that you will not want to miss. Enjoy going to a sporting event, including a Lions game. There almost always is some sort of game going on, so it is ideal for someone who is a big fan of sports. If you’d like to spend some time outdoors biking and seeing the sights, Riverwalk and the Dequindre Cut are your best bets. There’s so many things to do in Detroit that you might not have ever realized.

Denver, Colorado

There is a reason why nearly everyone loves Denver. It is the go-to place during the summer, since the climate is great all year. Take a trip to a brewery to have a craft beer tasting, see a concert at the Red Rocks outdoor venue, and get some lunch from the wonderful food trucks at Civic Center EATS during the mid-week. Denver also is an amazing place to go for eating and having a drink on the balconies that overlook the natural splendor for which Colorado is well known. There’s plenty to learn about the city so get started!

If you’re looking for ways to cure your brain fog, get outside the city and explore the beautiful mountains and landscapes that Colorado has to offer.

Exposure to toxins in your environment can influence symptoms of brain fog. Simply by going outside and exploring the “big country” Colorado has to offer, you’ll be putting yourself in a better position to return home refreshed and with a clear mind – literally and figuratively.

London, England

Though London is known for being smoggy and rainy through most of the year, you will love the climate during the late summer. You will be able to walk around and see landmarks of historical interest, including Big Ben, the Thames River, and the Tower of London. Best of all, travel costs are down considerably this year, one of many reasons to visit London.London is a prime travel destination, especially in the summer.

Visit the London Aquarium, which is in County Hall near the Parliament. This Neo-Baroque building once was the headquarters for the Greater London Council, until 1986. Today, the first floor houses the Aquarium, where you can swim with the sharks. There are three dives each day, every day of the week. You don’t need to have any diving experience, but you must book the dive a few weeks in advance.

No matter where you go for your late summer vacation, consider what the best summer travel spots will be for you and your partner or family. If you aren’t traveling with family, take along some friends for an adventure and some memories that you’ll have for a lifetime. Do your research and book your travel plans today so you can begin preparing for an exciting time.

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