Three of My Favorite Cigar Bars

There’s just something exciting about being in a cigar bar. You’re surrounded by other people who enjoy a good cigar and the smoky haze almost transports you and makes you feel like you’re in another place. Plus, having the perfect drink with a cocktail makes it all the more better.

I’ve been to a good number of cigar bars over the years and here are some of my all-time favorites.

Havana Garage – Omaha, NEHavana is a great cigar bar in the Heartland.

A lot of people tend not to give Omaha the credit it deserves. It has some amazing restaurants and bars, and the Old Market is one of the most charming downtown areas I’ve ever visited. Havana Garage, located in the heart of the Old Market, truly lives up to its namesake.

The word “garage” isn’t a joke either as the entrance is punctuated by a large garage door. Fans spin lazily inside and you can always hear laughter throughout the bar area. Their selection of cigars in their downstairs humidor is ample and you’re bound to find one that you’re interested in.

Biggs Cigar Mansion – Chicago, IL

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a complete class act while enjoying a choice cigar, Biggs Mansion might be for you. It truly lives up to the word mansion and is one of the most pleasurable cigar lounges I’ve had the privilege of stepping into. The aesthetic is that of leather and wood, showcasing a feeling of strength and sturdiness.

There’s an outdoor patio that has charm to spare as well. While there is a traditional member fee, non-members can also access the lounge for an incredibly reasonable price which also comes with some cigars as well. The level of value as well as the intense feeling of class helps Biggs stand out from the rest of the lounges in the Chicago area. If you’re in the windy city, consider the day pass so you can visit for yourself. I promise that it’s more than worth it.

The Vertigo Club – Seattle, WA

The Vertigo Club is a definite standout on this list as it aims to provide total feelings of The Vertigo Club is truly a luxury spot.exclusivity and luxury. Out of the bars on this list, The Vertigo Club is the hardest to gain access to as it’s by invitation only. You can request an invite but they limit their membership at a certain cap at any given time so it can be incredibly difficult to visit.

However, if you’re ever able to, you should take them up on it as they truly promote the sense of luxury they discuss. They have special events from time to time which are elegant affairs that cannot be beat. Seattle residents should take note and visitors should attempt to receive a tour if only to see what a luxury club truly looks like.

The Bottom Line

Though these are three of my favorite cigar bars, there are so many more across the country that are waiting to be discovered. Don’t be afraid of stepping outside the box and finding one for yourself that you’re excited about. The cigar lounge is a rare breed and if you find one you like, make sure you spread the word to your fellow cigar aficionados so they can enjoy it as well. And if you see one you think I should visit, give me shout so I can check it out and maybe feature it in an upcoming post!

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