My Cryptocurrency Ventures

I’ve recently had a renewed interest in cryptocurrency. Quite a few of my colleagues and friends have been investing in cryptocurrency and getting a positive return on their investment. As such, I felt like the time had come for me to partake in this venture. Therefore, I recently joined the Bitcoin Foundation to take my interest a step further.

Why I Decided to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

As previously mentioned, I decided to invest in cryptocurrency because I have seen several of my friends and colleagues get a good return on their investment. Bitcoin has been in the news a lot lately and I felt like, the time was right to start investing myself.

For those who may be unaware of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, here is a brief explanation of the industry. Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital asset intended to be used as an exchange medium. Essentially, it is a type of electronic money that uses cryptography for transaction security and to manage the creation of other units of the currency. In 2009, Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Today the three most popular types of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and popular among entrepreneurs across several industries. Even major players within the cigar industry are taking more than just a passing interest in this digital phenomenon. In fact, the biggest premium cigar retailer in Australia, Fine Cigars Australia, has started to accept cryptocurrency after customers made the request via email.

Matthew Mroczek, the General Manager of the company, has stated that the company was at a stage where they were comfortable with Bitcoin. The cigar company directly accepts Bitcoin into a personal wallet. They do not use any payment processor and further along on the supply chain, they get to use the currency. They have been doing this for several months now to pay suppliers in Mexico, Nicaragua, and other places. They have found this payment method to be quite efficient.

What is the Bitcoin Foundation?

The Bitcoin Foundation is essentially a group of individuals who are focused on standardizing, safeguarding and promoting the use of Bitcoins all across the globe.

The mission of the foundation is to coordinate the efforts of its members, assisting in the creation of awareness of Bitcoin benefits, how it is used and related technology requirements for regulators, technologists, the media and all other stakeholders.

The foundation’s vision is for Bitcoin to become an internationally-accepted method of storing and exchanging value. Its ultimate aim is to operate without requirement for third parties. Their values are:

• Guaranteed financial access
• Privacy
• Autonomy
• Decentralization
• Financial Inclusion
• Stable money supplies

The Board of Directors is made up of:

• Executive Director, Llew Claasen
• Chairman, Brock Pierce
• Vice Chairman, Bobby Lee
• Board Member, Bruce Fenton
• Board Member, Elizabeth McCauley
• Board Member, Michael Perklin
• Board Member, Francois Pouliot
• Board Member, Vinny Lingham

These individuals have a wealth of knowledge and have been a part of the digital marketplace for several years.

How You Can Join the Bitcoin Foundation

The success of Bitcoin largely depends of the support of its membership. You can become a member of this powerful movement for only $10 per month or for $100 per annum. The membership fee will help with the funding of advocacy and training programs for 2017.

As a part of the membership of the Bitcoin Foundation, you can:

• Access special offers and exclusive discounts for partner and foundation products and events
• Receive a monthly members-only update report from the Executive Director about operational and financial aspects of the foundation
• Participate in the Bitcoin Foundation’s yearly planning process for training and advocacy programs
• Gain access to an exclusive dedicated Slack monthly newsletter and channel
• Be a part of a movement that will change the world


Romeo Y Julieta Cigars Review: What You Need To Know

The Romeo y Julieta Cigars brand was introduced in 1875 in Cuba and quickly became a hit with smokers. It has won several accolades over the years starting in 1885 when the brand was awarded a gold medal. The cigars were developed by Mannin Garcia and Inocencio Alvarez who named the brand for the leads in Shakespeare’s epic tragedy. In 1903, Jose Rodriguez Fernandez took the brand to a higher level after acquiring it from its founders.

The famous Churchill shape was introduced by the Romeo y Julieta Cigars brand. In the early years, some of the cigars were personalized to match the specific needs of the brand’s top customers. The venture continued to flourish long after Jose Rodriguez Fernandez (nicknamed Pepin) passed away in 1954 at the age of 88.

Romeo y Julieta Cigars Review: Top cigars

The brand offers almost two dozen shapes and sizes from which to choose. Each of these premium cigars provides a uniquely exquisite smoking experience. From mild cigars to the full-bodied, smokers are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to the range of flavors and taste.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

The Wide Churchill comes in a wrapper that makes smokers feel like they are about sample a stout cigar. The branded number does live up to expectations with plenty of flavor. It is an affordable hand-made cigar. The draw is practically effortless and it yields columns of smoke with fruity and woody notes. Although its construction does not match some of the premium options offered by Romeo y Julieta, the Wide Churchill excels in taste, which is consistently high quality throughout all thirds.

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Capuletos

This hand-made cigar is a medium strength, limited edition that was introduced in 2016. Romeo y Julieta Capuletos have the distinction of being the only sobrasaliente size under the Romeo y Julieta banner. Its stick boasts a distinctively elegant appearance characterized by the dark wrapper. The edition features two bands and it is impressively rolled. Smokers are sure to notice the intricate construction, which is confirmed by the cold draw.

Its notes of cellar wood, sweet spices and leather are characterized by awesome flavor intensity that has a creamy texture. The flavor does strike the senses with an unexpected hint of cocoa and grapefruit skin, which gives the draw somewhat of a bitter taste. The stick burns evenly and the ash retains its shape throughout. Smokers can expect medium smoke and temperature. The flavor profile does change slightly in the second third of the smoke.

Romeo y Julieta Capuletos

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill

The Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill is available in the Petit Robusto size and it was launched in 2012. The cigars have proven a great success ever since their introduction thanks to the near flawless stick appearance and premium flavor. The impressive wrapper adds a touch elegance with its shiny and smooth material. It has a moderate amount of veins while the product’s bunch is consistent and firm.

After lighting the cigar, it starts with rich cream-like flavor with a hint of wood and honey. Its range of flavors are balanced and they can tickle the taste buds of any aficionado.

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills

Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

The Romeo y Julieta Belicoso is a limited edition that was launched in 2005 and it comes in a petit piramide size. The edition’s pre-draw emits woody and butter notes before delivering balanced spicy (black pepper) flavors. As the smoke progresses, one enjoys a tantalizing combination of saltiness and sweetness.

The overall appearance of the Romeo y Julieta Belicoso has a rustic appeal. The cigar’s age undoubtedly contributes to the stick’s quality.

Romeo y Julieta Belicosos