5 Best Cigar Lounges In Europe

People who enjoy smoking cigars and want to spend time in a special retreat where like-minded folks gather to enjoy the very best tobacco products available head to their favorite cigar lounge. These special places have been a staple of world culture for more than a century but are now exploding in popularity due to worldwide restrictions on smoking.

Thousands of such hideaways exist, but Europe is said to have the very best of the best when it comes to luxurious, elegant, relaxing cigar lounges. The listing below features my top five cigar lounges in Europe, their locations, and why they made my list.

Le Cubana Café, Paris

Cubana Cafe Paris Michael W Asimos

The owners of this unique cigar lounge went the extra mile to create the look and atmosphere of Old Havana. That ambiance adds to the welcoming attitude patrons feel as soon as they walk into Le Cubana Café. The interior design is amazing in the way it seems to send patrons back in time to the old days in Cuba when cigars were the most important things in the world.

The Wellesley Cigar Terrace, London

The Wellesley Cigar Patio Michael W Asimos

One of the most famous cigar lounges in Europe, the Wellesley is a cool combination of bar, outdoor patio, and cigar lounge. The patio is heated and semi-enclosed, offers a vast menu of drink selections, and more cigars than patrons can smoke in a lifetime. The Wellesley also allows customers to bring in their own cigars, which is an unusual feature of such establishments.

La Casa Del Habano, Stuttgart

La Casa Del Habano Michael W Asimos

This famous European cigar lounge boasts what might be the longest list of cigar choices for smoking connoisseurs. Located smack dab in the middle of Old Europe, and exuding regional charm, La Casa Del Habano is never short of seating, and its ultra-comfortable comfortable chairs and sofas are works of art in and of themselves. The full bar has a seemingly endless list of fine liquors for every taste.

Tynska Bar and Books, Prague

Tynska Cigar Lounge Michael W Asimos

Yes, Tynska is an extension of the famed New York City Bar and Books, but has developed its own character and built a reputation as one of the most inviting cigar lounges in Europe. Tynska has perhaps the most European ambiance of any cigar bar. Its furniture is beautifully styled, exceptionally comfortable, and great for sore backs and feet.

The Tynska’s bar is locally known for its imaginative bartenders who whip up some of the most incredible, unique cocktails on earth. The cigar selection is not as extensive as some other lounges, but the smokers’ menu consists of at least two dozen of the world’s best cigars.

The Churchill Bar, London


This cigar lounge is located in Hyatt Regency-London. The Churchill Bar is most known for its use of their very own Sacred Churchill Craft Gin; however, it is an excellent option for London local cigar connoisseurs and visiting cigar connoisseurs alike.

The interior features luxe art deco decor and actual love letters written between Sir Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine. The Churchill Bar also features an eclectic heated terrace which features a life-size bronze statue of young Churchill, as well as, bespoke blankets. The terrace is themed seasonally, so it is always changing, providing you a unique experience every time you visit.

As for the cigars, the Churchill Bar features over a dozen of some of the finest cigars that can be smoked on the terrace. This bar is certainly one to leave a lasting impression on visitors and provide you with a true London feel.

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