Top 5 Best Cigar Lounges In Miami

Cigar smoking is a lifestyle that has to be done right, and that means finding the best cigars, investing in quality cigar kits and most importantly, finding the right place to enjoy them. Miami is has a thriving cigar aficionado community fueled mostly by the large Cuban population in the region. The popularity of cigars in Miami has made the city one of the top spots for connoisseurs. Cigar lounges in Miami cater to the versatile needs of cigar users from the lone smoker to the social one, and they vary in styles from member-only establishments to sports lounges.

Casa De Montecristo, Prime Cigar and Whiskey Bar

For a cigar lover looking for laidback cigar lounges in Miami, this one qualifies. The ambiance is reserved, and the place is well ventilated, so patrons do not have to worry about too much smoke. Its walk-in humidor offers a diverse range of cigars. If suggestions are necessary, the manager is extremely helpful. The whiskey collection is impressive, and cocktail lovers will like the choice as well. Casa de Montecristo is on 1106 S Miami Drive.

Little Havana Cigar Factory

Located at 1501 SW Eighth St, Little Havana is a comfortable place to shop for cigars. It is laid out like a parlor with leather armchairs where connoisseurs can sit. The shop offers some of the biggest brands like Davidoffs from the Dominican Republic and Padrón from Nicaragua. Cigars are arranged by blender then by label, and the staff is very efficient when it comes to helping buyers find what they need. The wine and beer selection is not bad either. For someone who fancies coffee with his/her cigar, the place has delicious Cuban coffee. Little Havana Cigar Factory is located at 1501 SW 8th St.

Guantanamera Cigars

For the complete Little Havana experience — Cuban coffee, a freshly rolled cigar, and live Cuban music — this is one of the top cigar lounges in Miami to try out. Cuban culture inspires the interior décor with a lively stage and well-stocked humidor. Patrons can get in-house cigars, hand-rolled like the Duo Churchill. The staff is very knowledgeable about cigars, which makes it easier even for a first-timer to shop. Located at 1465 SW 8th St, Guantanamera Cigars stays open until late.

Española Cigar Bar and Lounge

Española is perfect for the cigar aficionado who likes to socialize while smoking. The area is a favorite for tourists is it is a great place to mingle with the locals. If one wants to get a bite and a few sangrias before relaxing for smokes, Española Cigar Bar on 409 Española Way does not disappoint. It has reasonable cigar prices, and the outdoor seating area is excellent for people watching.

Havana Humidor

From Liga Privada to God of Fire to Padron, Havana Humidor stocks cigars from all the right regions and brands. Whether one is a seasoned cigar smoker or a beginner, the humidor has something suitable. The great ventilation makes this one of the most comfortable cigar lounges in Miami. It has an elegant and reserved ambiance without being too posh. There are large screens for patrons wanting to watch a game or two, but for those who prefer open air, there is an outside area. Havana Humidor is at 8353 Bird Rd.

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