5 Cigar Accessories Every Cigar Aficionado Needs

Cigars never go out of style; they are still as classy as they were five decades ago and will, undoubtedly, remain so for a long time to come. The various flavors available provide the perfect choices for different individuals. Cigar smoking, however, is not just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a tradition that takes more than the right cigar to get right. Any aficionado worth their salt knows that you have to accessorize your cigar to enjoy it fully. But, which cigar accessories should you be spending money on? Here are my recommendations.

1) Humidors

No self-respecting cigar smoker should start shopping for cigars without a place to keep them. A humidor is an airtight container for storing cigars to ensure they stay at certain humidity levels. Humidity affects the flavor and freshness of a cigar. 65-70% is the optimal temperature that will not turn cigars stale or let them lose their flavor. With the controlled temperature that a humidor provides, you can maintain the superior quality of your cigars for a long time. Humidors come in various stylish designs, colors, and materials, which you should consider when getting one. You can also get a lock and key humidor to keep people away from your cigars.

My personal favorite humidor is the Scorch Torch Cigar Humidor which is only $35 on Amazon and can store up to 73 cigars when stored vertically.

Michael W. Asimos Cigar Humidor Reccomendation

2) Lighter

It may seem obvious, but you need the appropriate lighter for your cigar smoking. A seasoned user knows that lighting a cigar isn’t as simple as some people may think. You can light a cigar only for it to die out moments later. Wooden matches don’t work very well, hence the need for a suitable lighter. Find a lighter with a powerful jet flame that won’t present any problems in windy conditions. A good lighter should also be easy to carry around.

My favorite cigar lighters are made by Vertigo Cigar Lighters. They offer a variety of lighter styles and be found on JRCigars.com.

Michael W. Asimos Cigar Lighter Recommendation

3) Cutter

The end of a cigar that you blow smoke through usually comes with wrapping, which makes it necessary to cut it off before lighting it. Cutting the end of a cigar is part of the ritual of cigar smoking, and a good cutter is needed for that. Cigar cutters are necessities, and they are available in several choices. You can get a table top cutter that has a lever, which you pull to cut the cigar. However, they are not easily portable. Guillotine cutters are popular because users can carry them in their pockets. They contain one or two blades that nip the end of the cigar off when the user applies enough pressure.

My favorite cigar cutter is the Xikar X8 Black Cigar Cutter. It has a sharp blade is priced affordably at $27. You can get one for yourself today at Famous-Smoke.com.

Michael W. Asimos Cigar Cutter Recommendation

4) Cigar Tube

Another item to add to your cigar accessories collection is a cigar tube. It allows you to bring your cigars along without damaging them. The cigar cylinder can fit one or more cigars, providing a portable storage. Some tubes have humidifiers and hygrometers integrated to help retain the freshness of the cigar. A cigar aficionado who is always on the go will find cigar tubes invaluable, especially on long trips.

I personally recommend the Black Alligator Regal Cigar Tube with Hygrometer and Humidifier. It is a leather cigar tube that exudes a sophisticated style. It is available at TheSmokingStore.com for $28.

Michael W. Asimos Cigar Tube Recommendation


5) Ashtray

When you are smoking your cigar in the living room or out in the deck area, an ashtray ensures that you keep the place tidy. It also provides a surface to lay your cigar when you are not smoking it. You can avoid ruining your furniture or carpets during your cigar smoking sessions. If you have a special place for your cigar smoking, you can decorate it with an elegant ashtray for that authentic feel.

You can find the Mantello Deep Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray in my home. I personally like this ashtray because it provides a place to hold a large cigar and is readily available on Amazon Prime for $12. I am always needing extra ashtrays for the various settings where I like to enjoy my cigars.

Michael W. Asimos Cigar Ash Tray Recommendation

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