Michael W. Asimos’ 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

It’s hard to believe that the Holiday Season is already back in full swing. Obviously, as a cigar aficionado, I like to give my family, friends, and fellow cigar lovers the best cigars every Holiday season. So what cigars are my favorites to give as gifts this year? Here is my, Michael W. Asimo’s, 2017 Cigar Gift Guide.

The 7 Best Cigars to Give as Holiday Gifts

858 Maduro

858 Maduro Cigar Michael W. Asimos 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The 858 Maduro is an affordable, sweet choice with a touch of nutmeg in every puff. Ut It is made by Arturo Fuente and it is a classy choice for any cigar enthusiast and won’t break the bank at less than $5 each. Heck, give two or three to your favorite cigar lovers. You can buy these at any cigar store or online. They are not hard to find at all. They are also available online at Famous-Smoke.com.


Gispert Churchill Cigars Michael W. Asimos 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Churchill has a  creamy taste with a smooth hint of coffee and cedar in each wonderful draw. It is made by Gispert and it is a classic gift cigar. Gispert makes one of the best cigars in the industry. It’s also amazingly affordable at under $5. Churchills are available at any cigar store or online at JRCigars.com.


Toro Cigar Michael W. Asimo's 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Toro is creamy and sweet. This cigar works best in the morning but is a popular “anytime” choice for many enthusiasts. It is part of Rocky Patel’s “American Market Selection” and makes a great gift with prices at about $4 each and a perfect cigar when you aren’t sure about a person’s specific tastes. The Toro from Rocky Patel is universally loved and appreciated. It is available at any fine cigar store or online seller. You can also find it at Famous-Smoke.com.

Vintage Michelangelo

Vintage Michelangelo Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Vintage Michelangelo is woody, mellow, and super-smooth. It is made by La Fontana and from Honduran tobaccos. It is a great gift to give at about $3 a pop, and, for a top-notch cigar, is a good idea any time of the year.  It is available at any online cigar shop or brick-and-mortar cigar/smoke shop. You can buy it today at NeptuneCigar.com.

Occidental Reserve Connecticut Robusto

Occidental Reserve Connecticut Cigars Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Occidental Reserve Connecticut Robusto is mellow, crisp, and has a nutty flavor. It is a perfect choice for after mealtime or while enjoying the great outdoors. It is made by Alec Bradley and is inexpensive, flavorful, and universally enjoyed, even for once-a-year cigar folks. This is an ideal cigar to give to someone who is just getting into the study and appreciation of fine tobacco. It is available at fine cigar stores and online from any major retailer. You can buy today in time for the Holidays at Famous-Smoke.com.

Number 9 Churchill

Vudu Sacrifice Churchill Number 9's Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

The Number 9 Churchill has a rich taste with a medium body. This cigar includes notes of caramel and nutmeg. It is made by Vudu Sacrifice and is inexpensive and perfect for holiday feasts that include an “after dinner” cigar break.  It is available at brick-and-mortar outlets as well as online sellers including Famous-Smoke.com.

Cafe Lords

Cafe Lords Michael W. Asimos' 2017 Cigar Gift Guide

Cafe Lords have a classic mild taste that is both fragrant and mellow. They are made by Macanudo and these under-$5 cigars carry a cedar and nut flavor that makes them an ideal companion for holiday meals with the family. They are available at cigar stores everywhere, but also available through online sellers. Macanudo cigars are literally everywhere. You can buy them today at ThompsonCigar.com.

Giving the gift of a fine cigar is one of the best things you can do for someone during the holidays. I’ve started handing out top-notch cigars as gifts and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only do cigars make unique, memorable gifts, but cigar-lovers are able to enjoy their gift the minute they open it. And the best (slightly selfish I’ll admit) thing is, some of those recipients have begun giving me cigars as gifts, and I’m certainly not complaining!

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