Top Three Best Cigar Bars in the US

Cigar bars, lounges, and clubs are making a quite comeback in America. Today, cigar bars are synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Here is a look at some of the best cigar bars in the US today, according to Michael Asimos.

Grand Havana Room

This member’s only cigar lounge holds two distinct properties located in New York and the Beverly Hills. Only accessible via a private elevator, the latter property is particularly popular with celebrities and other wealthy cigar aficionados who prefer to enjoy their cigars in a serene ambiance and lavish setting. The centerpiece of the Beverly Hills club is a glassed-in room humidor with 350 blond-wood lockers, featuring the names of the who’s who in Hollywood and other prominent personalities. Besides its impressive selection of rarified cigars, the Grand Havana Room also features a dining room.

Barclay Rex, 126 Pearl Street, World Financial Center, NY

Founded in the early 1900s in Manhattan, NY, the Barclay Rex today occupies the ground floor of a Pearl Street-4 story building right in the heart of Wall Street. Due to its location, it is particularly popular with  Wall Street heavy hitters. It is one of the most prestigious shops in the financial district, which also happens to be the heartbeat of the city’s nightlife. In fact, the second floor is home to a private nightclub. Barclay Rex’s cigar menu features an extensive selection of premium cigars and accessories including Radice & Ashtons, Macanudos, Dunhill Castellos, Partagas, Nicaraguan Capano d’Oro (the club’s own signature cigars), as well as Elie Bleus humidors.

Davidoff De La Concha, 1390 6th Avenue, NY

Located on 1390 6th Avenue, NY, this 4800-square-feet shop is the largest of the three properties owned by the Davidoff of Geneva brand situated in New York. The shop’s humidor occupies 750 square feet out of the total 4800 square feet and its cigar menu features some fine selections, including limited series cigars such as the exclusive Davidoff 6th Avenue, a special Dominican Robusto for Davidoff’s customers. In terms of ambiance, the shop has a lavish lounge with a beautiful view of the 6th avenue. The décor, which is made of precious materials and warm wood, and the golden paint create a cozy setting for enjoying a cigar.


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