My Take On Some Popular Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is one of the most essential hormones for both men and women. It is more important for men than for women since it is responsible for growth and development of male characteristics including strength, muscle mass building, and sex drive. However, its levels in the male body decrease with age, especially after the 30th year.

Once testosterone levels begin to drop, you may experience certain losses in strength and muscle mass. In addition, you may not be as active in bed as you were before you hit 30. There is, nevertheless, no reason to worry about the losses since you can easily and safely increase your levels of the hormone by using testosterone boosters to recover your lost muscle, strength, and sex drive. Remember, there are many types of testosterone boosters, and while every manufacturer will claim to offer the best, their effectiveness varies. In order to help you make a good choice, I will introduce you to some of the most popular testosterone boosters.

The Award-Winning Nugenix

One of the main reasons why Nugenix tops my list is the fact that it bagged GNC Innovation Award in 2013. It is a dietary supplement with several ingredients, which help boost libido, improve the flow of blood to the muscles, and help body builders gain more muscle mass. Some of the ingredients in the mix include L-Citrulline Malate which together with Testofen, boosts relaxation of blood vessels, and helps men have a firmer erection for better performance in bed. The supplement also contains Vitamin B6, which not only enhances better arousal but also encourages the formation of red blood cells. Zinc helps in repairing of blood cells and promotion of sexual health. All these processes are inhibited by low levels of testosterone in the male body.

The Safety of Testofen

One unique selling point of this testosterone booster is the care with which it is prepared. The manufacturer of Testofen takes pride in offering natural products that have gone through clinical studies. Gencor utilizes Ayurvedic tradition, an ancient way of using natural herbs to heal the human body. In a bid to ensure top effectiveness and safety, the company carries out research and trials in humans and animals in their lab (which is certified by GLP) to test every ingredient before it goes into any of their products.

Testofen is among the most popular testosterone boosters. There are clinical studies that suggest that the fenugreek extract helps keep free testosterone in healthy levels in males. The result is high levels of endurance during workouts and greatly increased muscle mass as well as improved performance in bed. Testofen is also excellent in combating Andropause symptoms.

Building a Better Physique with Test X180

Test X180 is well-known for raising free testosterone levels. I would recommend it for the gym fanatic who would like to have great results after working out. Its claim in building more and stronger muscle is true. Moreover, the supplement helps users improve sex life by heightening the crave for sex and performance in the bedroom. In the end, you will not only have a great physical look, but your worth in the bedroom will also be increased twofold.

Defying Age with Ageless Male Ageless Male Testosterone Booster Review

Getting old has its benefits including more experience and respect. However, the wisdom and status of old age usually come with many undesirable effects. Among them is overweight problems, tiredness, and disinterest in sex as a result of declined testosterone levels. With such a supplement as Ageless Male, you can easily retain your youthfulness with all its benefits while still keeping the wisdom that comes with the years. In short, how old you are will no longer matter as far as muscle mass, energy, and desire for sex and performance is concerned.

One of the main ingredients of Ageless Male is Testofen, the Fenugreek extract. To deliver the full benefits in reclaiming your muscle mass, strength, and sex life, it is combined with three other nutrients. One quality that makes Ageless Male different from other testosterone boosters is the fact that it does not contain such strong stimulants as caffeine. Its natural content makes it among the top four most popular testosterone boosters in my list.


Before you make a choice of the best testosterone booster for yourself, consider the ingredients. The four mentioned supplements will never disappoint you since they contain some of the most effective ingredients for increasing mass muscle, raising energy levels, and greatly improving the user’s sex life. They do so by facilitating more sexual desire and offering more strength for a great performance in bed. In short, the four supplements are among the best in helping men look and act young irrespective of their age. Keep in mind, however, that the use of the supplements should be accompanied by a proper training program for maximum gains.

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