“Presto!” Book Review

Penn Jillette Tells All In His New Book

From time to time I love to read a good book.  Penn Jillette is probably one of my favorite magicians and comedians.  I’ve followed him for years and now with his new book out about his recent life changing events, he describes what can be done when push comes to shove.

The acclaimed, outspoken magician Penn Jillette holds nothing back in his latest book, Presto! The publication provides a captivating narration of how the author lost more than 100 pounds. He achieved the objective using unconventional methods. The book takes readers on a life-changing journey characterized by a number of healthy lifestyle choices. The story is presented with a heavy dose of humor and honesty.

Jillette’s blood pressure had soared to dangerous levels due to his staggering weight of over 330 pounds. This frightening reality forced him to take drastic action. His response was inspired by the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. He also wanted to see his children grow up. The author met former NASA scientist Ray Cronise who proposed an ambitious weight-loss plan. Cronise’s fast track weight-loss regime involved a potato-only diet.

Penn was told to eat the entire potato, including the skin. He could mash or bake the starchy, tuberous crop but add no fruits, vegetables or other ingredients. The regime also prohibited exercising. To Jillette’s surprise, he started losing weight at a rapid pace thanks to the near-starvation diet. The events took place when he was approaching his 60th birthday.

Inspirational Weight-loss

In this book, the author discusses the ordeal in detail, including regular visits to the physician, adjustment issues and the joy of weight-loss success. The publication provides an inspirational day-to-day account of an hardcore weight-loss solution that is set to motivate people battling with overweight issues.

Along the journey, he experienced wide-ranging emotions. He drifted from skepticism to inspirational, life-changing momentum that turned his life around. The process is outlined in captivating and hilarious detail. Despite the challenges of battling weight issues, he continued to pursue his normal day-to-day activities.

During this period, Jillette met fellow eccentric performers and Hollywood executives. He even performed at shows in Las Vegas and spent time with friends and family.

Penn’s Familiar Sarcastic Style

From outrageous sense of humor to biting social commentary, Presto is not short of drama and intrigue. The author shares views on pop culture, sex and religion. This helps turn the story into genre-busting and refreshing account.

The author’s account of the events do not outline a well-researched argument of unhealthy lifestyles. However, it does provide a chilling reality check and an honesty opinion about dealing with obesity. The book is filled with self-deprecating humor from a best-selling author. Penn also delivers a hilarious take on his experience as a competitor on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Readers are entertained by the author’s description of America’s 45th president’s ridiculous and peculiar hairdo. Penn describes Trump’s hair as ‘looking like cotton candy made of piss.’

Jillette who is known for his unconventional personality showcases a plethora of signature stage characteristics. He is ruthlessly honest, overbearing, rude and garrulous. However, he slows down the drama after reaching the appex of of his weight-loss campaign. The astonishing results are accomplished in only 83 days. He lost almost 25 percent of his body weight and says he feels much better. Penn’s 6-foot-7 frame now carries a more manageable weight.

Penn informs the readers about his choice of food at parties and restaurants following the successful mission. The underlying message in the book is that it is better to create new comfort foods than yield to the tempting vibes of unhealthy foods. Readers are sure to take the ironic yet funny account of the weight-loss program with a pinch of salt.

He lost weight more rapidly than what the majority of physicians recommend. On the other hand, the author is faced with a risk of regaining some of the lost weight. However, he says he is well aware of the ongoing demands associated with maintaining his weight well into the future. Jillette is convinced that his new diet regime will make it easier to avoid a relapse.

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