Davidoff Cigar Review: All You Need To Know About Davidoff Cigars

Established over 100 years ago, Davidoff is a high-end cigar brand that is committed to the philosophy of “the good life.” The company has been producing luxury-quality since its inception. As such, it is hardly surprising that many consider Davidoff cigars to be just about perfect. Just about anyone who desires a rich, high-quality cigar, will scarcely have to look further than the Davidoff line of cigars. Davidoff’s cigars are known for variety as much as they are known for refinement and sophistication. Even with each line offering up distinct, unique flavors, all Davidoff cigars have that common thread of polished elegance detectable by the connoisseur with discerning taste.

Currently, Davidoff offers four main cigar lines, each uniquely tailored to fit with the cigar companies vision of bringing unique, available nowhere else blends to the modern aficionado. These four main cigar lines include Escurio, Yamasa, Nicaragua, and the Nicaragua Box Pressed. To get a fuller picture of how Davidoff is able to achieve their vision, we take a closer look at each line below and the events that inspired each in this Davidoff cigar review.

The Inspiration Behind The Four Flagship Cigar Lines

davidoff escurio review


Brazil, and in particular Rio, is known for its vibrant, authentic culture. In a similar manner, the Davidoff Escurio that is molded after the same is a blend of rhythm, intrigue, and originality. Escurio’s unforgettable blend offers up an intense, spicy, but sweet flavor that mimics the rhythm of the Brazilian culture without losing the sophistication and refinement that the Davidoff brand has become renowned for.


20 years in the making, Davidoff’s Yamasa started with the dream to turn the swamplands of the Yamasa region into successful tobacco fields that could bring new flavors to cigar aficionados. Thanks to the determination of Henke Kelner and his team of experts to continue until they got it right, the tobacco fields of Yamasa is now home to the amazing Davidoff Yamasa. Cigars from the David Yamasa series combine flavors from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the Yamasa region to grind one awe-inspiring tobacco blend. The flavors are a combination of sweet and spicy tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua with the earthy flavors of the Yamasa region in the wrapper and binder.


Of all the available Davidoff cigar lines, this one – Nicaragua – is perhaps the most reflective of Zino David’s pioneering spirit. The Nicaragua series of Davidoff cigars emerged from the desire to create tobacco flavors that embodied fire and bite. The soil of Nicaragua, as affected by volcanic activity, proved to be the perfect fit and a new flavor unique to the region and Davidoff cigars was born. This new blend is designed to bring together sweet and bitter flavors.

Nicaragua Box Pressed

Taking the bitter-sweet sensibilities of the Nicaragua line, the Nicaragua Box Pressed line takes the flavors even further. The original flavors are boosted by the complementary combination of Ligero Leaf and Ometepe, Jalapa, and Condega tobaccos. All these flavors combine to create what Davidoff cigar describes as a complex bitter-sweet palate stimulation.

By offering up four distinct cigar line options, each with its own unique blends, Davidoff cigars is ensuring that they stay true to their mission of offering the modern cigar connoisseur the many flavors of the good life.

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