Nine Cuban Cigars Everyone Must Try

There are a lot of different options when it comes to choosing a great cigar. This might make it tough to choose the right one to smoke. For this reason, I have come up with a list of the best Cuban cigars everyone must try. Therefore, sit down, relax, and go through this list containing nine top Cuban cigars.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

If a well-rounded, delicious, and long smoke is what you are looking for, then the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is the cigar to smoke. What I loved most about this cigar is its great mix of coffee and cocoa with a subtle spicy aftertaste. On top of the great taste and aftertaste is an excellent burn and an aroma that is superb. All these facts put together is what make this cigar my number one choice for cigars from Cuba that you should try.

Montecristo #2

Among the best cigars in the world is Montecristo #2. This opinion is not mine alone but also of many cigar smokers. This cigar has also been ranked one of the best for a number of years, and because of this, it is used to rank other cigars. This cigar comes in either medium or full body and has a smooth creamy taste with the perfect balance of spice. The Montecristo #2 is my second best cigar and I know you will agree with me after trying it.

Romeo Y Julieta Churchill

The Julieta is another great cigar that I would strongly recommend to any cigar smoker. This cigar is incredibly smooth and has a great flavor. The Romeo, however, is not that strong compared to other Cuban cigars, but has a perfectly smooth draw, a sweet and creamy taste, and is a solid medium body. This cigar is a favorite to many celebrities, therefore, everyone should try it.

Partagas Serie D

Another great cigar that I personally love and would recommend to anyone is the Partagas Serie D. Partagas is a robusto size and has a delicious woody finish that tastes great. This cigar is absolutely fantastic and you should try it too.

Cohiba Behike

The Cohiba Behike is one of the most sought-after cigars in the world. Its high ratings are courtesy of the careful mix of Cuba’s finest aged tobaccos. This cigar is very strong, something that is attributed to Media Tiempo tobacco leaves it contains. Apart from that, this cigar tastes great and I loved it a lot.

Cohiba Lancero

The Cohiba Lancero is a delicious tasting and very smooth cigar. Not only does this cigar taste great, it was also created specifically for Fidel Castro. For this reason, this cigar is seen by many as a choice for truly educated smokers, and it has a huge cult following. Although the Lancero appears thin and frail, it compensates with its world-class craftsmanship.

Bolivar Belicoso

Another great cigar is the Bolivar Belicoso. This cigar has an immensely complex profile and is also very flavorful. The Belicoso emits fruit and spice flavors that precede a woody and floral taste that is experienced immediately after lighting it. It is for these and other reasons that many cigar smokers revere the Belicoso as the best figurado that is full-bodied available today.

H. Upmann Petite Corona

The H. Upmann Petite Corona just as its name suggests is a small-sized cigar. Though it is small in size, this cigar compensates what it lacks in size with a rich memorable flavor. You get to enjoy a great blend of coffee notes and spice when you smoke the H. Upmann. Among its greatest lovers was President J. F. Kennedy. It is said that Kennedy’s love for this cigar was so great that hours before he signed the Cuban embargo, he ordered 1,200 pieces of them.

Montecristo #4

The Montecristo #4 is a medium bodied cigar with a smooth and mellow smoke profile. I particularly enjoy the Montecristo #4 with my coffee in the morning and I would advise you to try it in the morning too. Thanks to its great taste, this cigar is the best-selling cigar from Cuba in the world, therefore, you will love it too.

There are other great tasting Cuban cigars, but these nine are the best and I highly recommend them to you too.

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