Partagas Cigars Rated As Second To None, Top Quality Smokes

When it comes to the famed Partagas cigars, the view fans online is nothing beats these top quality smokes. In fact, there is a wide variety of “Partagas Naturales” featured online at top cigar selling websites. There are also great special deals and special discounts when purchasing a box of these natural cigars with exquisite wrapper leaves grown in the Central West African country of Cameroon.

Another aspect of Partagas is linked to rich smoking flavor that cigar smokers say is “never harsh,” but always flavorful and easy to enjoy. Thanks to Cameroon’s sub-tropical climate these cigars are equal to its Cuban counterparts, but at nearly have the price. The famed Partagas brand became trendy back before America normalized relations with Cuba when this superb brand became popular with cigar smokers.

Partagas offers natural smoking pleasure

The great thing about enjoy the Partagas line of cigars is great value at fair pricing for the best high-quality smoke on the market today. The brand is considered “natural” and a great value when compared to other top-quality smokes that sell for double or triple what a Partagas Robusto or Extra Oscuro costs.

The line of Partagas cigars includes:

– Naturales Cameroon Rubosto
– Classico Robusto
– 1845 Rubusto Habano
– 1845 Extra Oscuro Rubsto Gordo Oscuro
– Sabrosos Cameroon Corona
– 1845 Double Corona Habano
– Black Label Gigante Sun Grown Gordo
– Black Label Maximo Toro
– Black Label Magnifico Sun Grown Toro
– Naturales Cameroon Robusto
– No. 1 Cameroon Lonsdale
– No. 2 Cameroon Corona
– Fabulosos Cameroon Churchill
– 1845 Gigante Habano
– 1845 Extra Oscuro Gigante Oscuro
– 1845 Extrra Oscuro Supremo Oscuro Gordo
– Black Label Classico Sun Grown Robusto
– Black Label Bravo Sun Grown Rothschild

In general, there are many top Partagas brands now on offer at leading cigar websites. The cigars are featured at huge discounts when purchasing either an individual cigar or a box. Meanwhile, the Partagas “cigar profile” points to a smoke that never lets cigar fans down. The brand is said to be equal or even “much better” and even more flavorful than its Cuban counterparts.

Top cigars with full-flavor

There are many ways and means to identify the famed “Partagas” cigar brand, say longtime smokers commenting online. They say that the cigars feature a nice dark color with natural leaves that always deliver “extra rich flavor.” The wrappers tend to be heavier and richer than other leading cigar brands because each cigar is made from selected leaves that are harvested after proper aging. This translates to a top smoke with full-bodied flavor that cigar fans say has “real character” and unbeatable rich smoking enjoyment that is a trade-mark of this top brand of many top-shelf cigars now featured online. The brand has been credited as the most affordable and enjoyable of all natural sun grown smokes available today.

Overall, there has never been a better time to save big on the full line of Partagas, say longtime cigar smoking fans commenting online.

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