Escurio Cigar Review

Davidoff is a Swiss cigar-maker, and the Escurio line of cigars is the company’s Brazil-inspired cigars. Escurio is apparently an extension of the company’s Black Label line, which also includes Davidoff Nicaragua. The cigar has its origin in or is made manually in the Cigar Davidoff factory, based in Santiago. The Escurio cigar was initially rolled out for sale in Santiago, Dominican Republic in 2015. Thereafter, the cigar line adorned stores in America, Europe and Asia as well.

Escurio Review by Michael Asimos


The cigar comes in three distinct sizes – none being more than six inches in length. The Petit Robusto (Short Robusto) is 3 ¼ inches long; Robusto Tubo measures 4 ½ inches; and Gran Toro extends a bit further, measuring at 5 ½ inches. The Gran Toro and Robusto Tubo come as 12 count boxes. 14 count boxes are allotted for the Short Coronas. Also, every size has four cigar packs.

Ingredients and Taste

At the core, the cigar is not completely Brazilian. It’s basically a blend that comprises good amount of native Brazilian flavors. An oil and dark seed Haban Ecuador wrapper is used to camouflage an extremely zesty Brazilian Cubra (the binder) that comprises Cubra and Mata Fina tobaccos from Brazil – in combination with Piloto, Olor and San Vicente tobaccos from Dominican Republic.

This luxury blend burns slowly and is extremely aromatic. The wrapper supposedly provides an earthy balance and soft creaminess to the cigar profile. The filler and binder marginally contribute to the blend’s spiciness. The Mata Fina adds to the cigar’s sweetness, while the tobaccos lend a level of “Davidoff” sophistication to the cigar.

Experience and Positives

Upon lighting the cigar, we experienced an earthy spice encompassing our palate, which however faded fairly quickly, but only to leave behind a licorice-like component. After some time, the licorice profile fades as well, only to add some cinnamon taste to the mix.

Primarily, there are two extremely impressive attributes of this cigar. First is the level of smoke produced by the cigar – even the shortest Petit Robusto is capable of giving a steam engine a tough fight. What is so great about the smoke? Unfortunately, this is an aspect that only people who’ve smoked cigars before can relate to and appreciate. Second positive feature, which is quite surprising, is how long the cigar lasts. Even the smallest variant can sustain pace close to an hour, giving more value for the money spent. Also, during use, the cigar stays fairly cool. The burn was almost perfect too.


At the end of this Escurio cigar review, we must say Davidoff has built a reputation of sorts with its cigars, and the Davidoff Escurio keeps the name intact. In short, the cigar is perfect, and the size variations are much appreciated.

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