The Best Non-Cuban Cigars by Michael W. Asimos

Cuban cigars are great.  They’ve got the mystique, they’ve got the flavor, and they’ve got the taboo of being not-quite-legal.  That doesn’t always mean they’re the only type of cigars worth smoking, though.  There are some fantastic non-Cubans out there, and you’re definitely shorting yourself if you don’t give them a try.  Here are five of the best non Cuban cigars on the planet, for your enjoyment:

cs-pl6.jpgPadilla Miami 8&11 Torpedo

This cigar takes everything you love about Cubans, but puts a domestic twist on the production.  This is a typically Miami cigar, with all the Cuban-emigre style rolling you’d come to expect.  The taste is fantastic, the construction’s tight and you’ll name this one among your favorites as soon as you smoke it.

Ilusione Ultra Op. No. 9

This Nicaraguan brand is big, dark and imposing.  It’s the kind of cigar that sticks around with you, and it’s definitely up there when it comes to quality.  Some of the best cigars in the world are as much about the smoking experience as they are about the taste, and the Ilusione Ultra is definitely one of the best in the world.

Cao Flathead V660

Yes, a premium flathead.  Another great North American blend, this hotrod is all about having a good time.  It’s packaged like a novelty cigar, but don’t be fooled – this blend really is for true aficionados.  This is precisely the kind of cigar you’re not going to get from a Cuban blend, and it should be celebrated by willing to go off the usual script.  If you’re looking for flavors that are going to challenge your palate, this is the cigar for you.

My Father Le Bijou 1922cs-mfc.jpg

This one’s a contender for the best of the best, and its’ from Nicaragua.  If there’s such thing as a professional’s cigar, this is the brand that can claim that distinction.  With a rich, almost chocolaty smoke and a sweet aftertaste, and My Father Le Bijou 1922 is the kind of cigar that most people dream about smoking.

The Edge Habano

There’s nothing fancy about this cigar.  It doesn’t come in a pretty box.  It doesn’t even have a wrapper.  What it does have, however, is fantastic tobacco.  If you’re looking for a pure smoking experience, you’ll turn to this Nicaraguan blend every time.

Dunhill Robusto Heritage

If you’re looking for a cigar that’s got taste, class, and a good bit of staying power, this is the brand for you.  It features wrappings, bindings, and tobacco from across Central America and to create a unique experience.  This is one cigar that proves that you don’t have to go to Cuba to get quality.

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