All You Need To Know About Cigars

How To Experience The Most Out of A Cigar

Getting to know cigars means experiencing a great cigar. Three types of tobacco leaves are used; smaller leaves are only used as a filler, whereas the whole leaf is used as a wrapper, which is known as a binder.

How To Store Cigars

The age of a cigar changes its flavor, but its a personal preference. You can buy aged cigars, but they are expensive, so you can age them yourself. Store them in the ideal environment which controls both humidity and temperature–the ideal being the 70-70 rule. Beyond that, cigars may get moldy. However, be sure to maintain an environment that’s stable and never fluctuating, otherwise that can lead to expansion and contraction, which would crack the wrappers. If you’ve ever experienced a cigar flaking on you during smoking, that cigar was probably not aged properly.  Check out our post on Cigar Aging 101 for more information.  Choose a humidor lined with cedar and never overcrowd it with too many cigars.

How Cigars are Made

Cigars are made differently, depending on the maker. Cuban cigars are the most famous. These are made by hand, whereas other famous and top-notch cigars are made using machines. They come in different shapes and sizes, and some are open ended, while most are round headed and have parallel sides.


An example of a well constructed cigar that lends to a slow, even burn.

Other materials used in making cigars include flavoring agents, tasteless gum used to adhere the wrapper together at the end, and a paper band around its circumference.

Many already know that Cuban cigars are rolled by hand, but most others around the world are rolled using machines, except for the finest ones, which continue to be made entirely by hand. The outer part of the cigar is wrapped by a large textured leaf that has to be in impeccable condition, whereas the inner wrapper, or binder, can be of lesser quality and imperfect.

Which Cigars Burn Slowest

Cuban cigars burn the slowest, and are considered to be the finest in the world for this and many other reasons, although numerous others rank high, as well.  Hand rolled cigars tend to burn the slowest as well.  It’s worth mentioning that the quality of the tobacco and the climate in which it is made and stored lends to the evenness of it burning.

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